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Congdon Park Soccer Fields

Ordean-East Field

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Ordean-East Middle School will be used for our July Kickoff Camp and for Sunday evening practices for older (U10 and U12) teams.

4th Street Reservoir

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The reservoir field is a practice facility only. The City of Duluth will not endorse its use for any recreational activity. Teams are welcome to hold practice here on a first-come, first-served basis. Goals will be present but no painted lines. Teams using this facility should mark off their field with cones.



Jean Duluth Fields

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These fields are used for U10 and U12 games ONLY. No practice may be scheduled at the Jean Duluth fields in order to maintain them in the best possible condition for matches.

Rose Field

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Due to neighborhood concerns, CPSC has very strict field usage requirements for Rose Field:

  1. Only U6 and U8 teams may use Rose Field for practices. All practices must be scheduled through CPSC's website to avoid over-usage and upsetting the neighbors.
  2. CPSC will only schedule U8 games at Rose Field
  3. Families of teams using Rose Field MUST park along Livingston Street north of Rose Street or along Everett Street east of any houses. Cars may NOT be parked on Rose Street or south of Rose Street along Livingston Street.

We recognize that this may cause difficulties for teams and families, but past abuse of parking in the neighborhood has pushed the neighbors to the point where we were nearly kicked off the field in 2012. We have negotiated these strict parking requirements to allow us to continue to use this field.

Any team which violates these rules will lose all access rights to the field for the remainder of the season... including any games they have scheduled at Rose. It will be the coach's responsibility to work with the opposing coach to find another field to play their game, should a team lose access. Again, we apologize for such strict requirements, but in order for our club to continue to have access to the field, we must respect the neighbors, or the entire club will lose access to this field. We ask that all club members honor these restrictions to ensure that our club will continue to have access to Rose for the future.

Old Main

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This field is ONLY available to U6 teams, for both practice and games. Users MUST park in the UMD lot near the park (do not park on the street... parking pass enforcement is only before 5 PM on weeknights, so nobody is at risk of being ticketed).

Congdon School

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This field is ONLY available to U6, U8, and U10 teams for practice only. CPSC has no jurisdiction over maintenance of this field, and therefore cannot guarantee the condition of the field and whether it will be suitable for practice. Goals with nets will be present on the field, but the upkeep of the grass and condition of the field is completely up to ISD 709. The club cannot ask or force the district to manage this field.