Congdon Park Soccer Looking for Board Members

Starting with the 2016 season, Congdon Park Soccer will be looking for new board members to replace outgoing members. CPSC would like to thank Mike Fowler, Kristi McGiffert, and Katie Voller-Berdan for their service to the board these past two years.

The CPSC board will also be undergoing a re-organization with assignment of specific club-related duties to board members. A full description of the existing board members and their duties will are listed here. If interested, please contact Doug Marshak with questions or with an intent to volunteer. Remember, without board members we have no club!

Registration is Closed

Registration has been closed. Rosters are set and families have been notified of their kids' team assignments. We are no longer accepting new registrations for the 2015 season... all rosters are now full. Thank you for your interest... if your child is interested in playing Congdon Park Soccer in 2016, please be sure to sign up early in April when we open registration!